About Common Wealth

“Common Wealth” is an unofficial continuation of David M. Grome’s past work on the Democrat and Chronicle‘s Board of Contributors. The purpose of “Common Wealth” is to provide readers with unique perspectives and proposed strategies to strengthen the social and economic equity of the Rochester region located in Upstate New York. “Common Wealth” combines David’s interest in public policy, civic engagement and politics with his professional experience as a communications and business strategist.

 In 2013, David served as an adviser to the Democrat and Chronicle Editorial Board on issues related to race, poverty, education and economic development. David contributed to blogs, editorials and in-person meetings with local and national newsmakers, including New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo and United States Senator Kirsten Gillibrand. David is a strong supporter of small businesses and is a past member of the Board of Directors for the Small Business Council of Rochester, an affiliate of Rochester Business Alliance.

David is a marketing communications professional who specializes in business strategy and market intelligence. He is passionate about helping clients use data to uncover new customer insights and solve business problems.

Views expressed on “Common Wealth” are not affiliated with, representative or endorsed by the Democrat and Chronicle, David’s employer or its clients.

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