Little Theatre marquee update gets two thumbs up

One of the hardest parts of change is figuring out the best way to let people know. Here in Rochester, community organizations can struggle when trying to keep the public informed. Today, however, The Little Theatre got it right.

Scott Pukos, public relations coordinator for The Little Theatre, today published a blog post, “Facts About The Little Marquee Renovation Project.” Other community institutions take note–The Little’s example is one to follow.

Source: LinkedIn, Scott Pukos
  1. The headline says it all. A good PR pro always sticks to facts. Anything else spells trouble.
  2. Tone matters. Facts don’t have to be overly formal. Pukos had fun with this update and it shows. Case in point–“The Little zig-zag sign…” Heck, that’s almost Twitter-handle worthy.
  3. Know your audience. Last but not least, don’t forget who should and will care. In this instance, Pukos managed to connect The Little with virtually everyone–preservationists, the casual passerby, regulars, and diehard localists.

Next time your organization is thinking about ways to keep people in the know about change, consider these principles and remember it’s okay to let a little personality shine through.


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