8 for 8: Lessons from a Millennial who learned to listen 


Millennials, the world’s second-youngest generation, receives its fair share of scrutiny. Frequent labels include entitled, lazy, and uninformed. The generation’s response to the following survey question may come as a surprise to such critics:

“What do you expect from the previous generation?”

Respondents to the “Prosumer Report,” conducted in 2011 by marketing agency Euro RSCG Worldwide, chose from four answers:

  1. Money
  2. Advice
  3. Recognition
  4. That they leave me in peace.

In the United States, the overwhelming majority (68 percent) of respondents answered “advice.” In contrast only eight percent responded “money,” and 14 percent said “recognition.” So much for the so-called “Trophy Generation.”

As I reflect on my 30th birthday, I recall the lessons from eight people of previous generations who graciously shared their wisdom, experience and knowledge with me over the past eight years of my young career.

Over the next eight weeks I will share eight stories in eight posts. For a variety of reasons, I will not reference specific names. However, I will provide context and brief details on how each person’s advice has influenced my views on leadership, collaboration, and community. The lessons include:

  1. Mistakes happen. It’s all about the rebound. (2011)
  2. Business is personal. Always. (2009)
  3. Ask yourself, “What good can come from this?” (2009)
  4. Patience required. This is how the sausage gets made. (2014)
  5. Your strategy is showing (and that’s not a good thing). (2013)
  6. Press on. The power of persistence. (2007)
  7. They can smell posers. Love your clients. (2013)
  8. Don’t be afraid. Always be ready. (2012)

Check back next week for lesson one, “Mistakes Happen,” a story about humility, honesty and awareness of my limitations. 


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  1. Virginia Bates says:

    Excellent topics; I’m looking forward to your stories.

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