Editorial on climate change falls short, only warming up old arguments

Today’s editorial in the Democrat and Chronicle asserts why Gov. Andrew Cuomo should become a high-profile champion of environmental issues and “lead on climate change.” While it effectively and appropriately captures a sense of urgency, the Editorial Board fails to reach a broader audience due to its heavy dependence on old arguments, which ultimately weigh down the message. First, the editorial targets government as the necessary stakeholder to take on the cause….

Do something good with social media

Originally posted on Digitally Powered PR:
Eric Mower + Associates is proud to be announcing today that Centscere is the 2014 winner of the Market Ready Award. Centscere is the start-up company that lets social media users turn tweets and likes in to donations to causes they care about. Like our first Market Ready winner,…

How I learned to stop hating and love the Millennials

Not long ago, I made every attempt to dodge the label of “Millennial.” This moniker is often used to describe one of America’s youngest generations as entitled and apathetic. Beyond its unflattering attributes, the most difficult part of being lumped in with Millennials was accepting my own perceptions about my peers. I wasn’t into kickball; I didn’t care much about pop culture; and most of all, I didn’t identify with the idea that so many of us…