Still in need of a New Year’s resolution? Take the Pledge of Community


On Jan. 5, 2014, representatives from Rochester’s interfaith community joined for a service to celebrate the inauguration of Mayor Lovely A. Warren. Spiritual leaders of Jewish, Muslim and Christian faith shared blessings for the City’s newest leader in a momentary symbol of unity across the Flower City.

Mayor Warren’s brief remarks reminded the community of the work remaining ahead, the importance of faith and its innate ability to give people the power to serve others.

In that spirit, Bishop Gregory Parris, pastor of the Church of Love Faith Center, led the gathering in the “Pledge of Community,” a sort of New Year’s resolution. Instead of focusing on inward gains, however, the Pledge urges individual service for united purpose and a common good.

If you’re still without a goal for 2014, or if you feel compelled to help change Rochester for the better, please consider making the Pledge of Community your resolution in the New Year.

Pledge of Community
January 5, 2014
Community Worship Service
Sacred Heart Cathedral

As we begin this new year, we commit ourselves in a new way to work together for the benefit of our City. Together, we seek solutions to our problems, and strive to create a City where all people are valued and all have access to the benefits of our society. We will celebrate our successes together and look for opportunities to support one another as we work to create a flourishing City full of hope and promise.


Photo Credit: Jeremy A. Cooney @room207A


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